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We are proud to say that our seat covers are manufactured in Australia by Global Automotive Accessories. All facets of the production cycle - design, product development, engineering, cutting, sewing, quality control and dispatch are conducted in Melbourne.

Our seat covers have been independently airbag tested and approved by an industry leading testing authority. This was a 2 year testing process, in which we are happy to say that we offer the safest neoprene seat covers in the marketplace. We have a patent on the product so none of our competitors can copy us. We set the benchmark for airbag safety.

The neoprene itself is waterproof. However, if you were to spray a hose at the special airbag seam (which we are assuming you wouldn't be doing) some water may penetrate through. However, general spills or getting into your vehicle soaked won't cause an issue. Many of our customers are surfers / wakeboarders who get into their vehicle drenched. We conducted spill  tests with wine, soy sauce and water in which nothing penetrated through, it simply pooled on top of the seat cover. 

The heat will transfer through the seat cover without an issue. 

The cooling / ventilation can still be felt slightly, however it will be at the reduced rate. This would be the case with any seat cover material. The reason being, the cooling / ventilation blows through perforated holes on the original trim. The only way you could receive 100% cooling would be to create perforation holes in the seat cover. It is currently our view that it would be counterproductive in creating perforation holes in the seat cover as dirt, spills etc would seep through and potentially damage the original trim.

Our product is safe to fit over the top of leather. We have worked with neoprene for 20 years, supplying tens of thousands of products to vehicles with leather seats, in which there has never been a problem. The main reason, we have a rubber backing, which doesn't create a harsh friction point like other materials could. We have also re-engineered our neoprene to conform with the car comapnies standards - breathability was one of the major testing criteria. 

We have conducted our own independent rub tests to ensure it was safe for fitment over the top of leather (which it was). 

It's important that you do still follow the vehicle manufacturers guidelines with respect to leather care - For example if they recommend you shampoo the original seats every "x" years, you do still need to do this. However, fitting our seat covers over the top won't create any issues for you.

Due to the rubber backing in the seat covers and the special airbag stitching we don't recommend you put the product through the washing machine. To preserve the product we recommend they are soaked in a tub / bath with lukewarm soapy water and then drip dried. 

We've designed our seat covers to be incredibly easy to fit and remove, with the majority of our seat covers having no straps or ties. Generally speaking our seat covers take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to fit (per row) and a few minutes to remove. We provide comprehensive fitting instructions with photos and a full description for every step of the process. You can view the fitting instructions by clicking here


Stocked items will be dispatched within 1 to 3 business days of your payment being received. Non stocked items, the manufacturing lead time will be indicated in each individual product. 

Returns / Warranty

Our return policy can be viewed here --> Return Policy

We offer a 3 year standard warranty. Many of our customers have had the product for over 5 years / 100,000km and still going strong